Connect. Empower. Create.

DubHacks is a 24-hour collegiate hackathon held at the University of Washington Seattle promoting diversity, inclusion, and accessibility. We bring together and empower students of all backgrounds to develop creative tools that solve society’s biggest issues.

We connect technology with humanity.

We empower students to innovate within their communities.

Together, we create solutions that are diverse, inclusive, and accessible.

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Jacob Colker

Jacob Colker
Managing Director @ Allen Institute for A.I., Startup Incubator

Pablo Veramendi

Pablo Veramendi
Senior Technology Evangelist @ Microsoft

Catherine Nelson

Catherine Nelson
Senior Data Scientist @ SAP Concur

Judging Criteria

  • Technical Difficulty
    How technically complex is the project?
  • Execution and Usability
    Is the project easy to use and polished?
  • How well you fulfill your challenge
    Does the project address the prompt of the challenge?


  • Social Good